I found out whose airplane crashed.

I'm sure Hwa had good reasons for doing that.

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Come have dinner with me.

They love to climb mountains.

They own a lot of land.

I think this is the reason why you don't like me so much.

A password is needed.


I think it's unfair that you can't receive a good education if you're poor.

He derived much money from his small business.

That's a good picture of Meeks.

Henry would've stayed if he could.

Having found a number of small items missing from my house, I'm starting to think that my housekeeper has sticky fingers.

Many thanks for this illustrative collection of examples.

She went out of the room.

This tooth has to have a filling.

I miss the army.

What're you babbling about?

I can't remember your name.


Werner has never visited Boston.

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Are we going to help them?

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Yukiko likes potatoes.

But the high price of bread led to mass starvation among the common people of France, who resented the rich nobles of the country who had the money needed to eat well and build huge mansions while they had to sleep on the streets.

The show is on Monday.

Let's see this costume.

You'll have to speak up.

Cuba is not a cube.

Do you think you could make it before lunch?

We reached school at eight-thirty.

Who is the tallest of all?


It was found at the bottom of the river.

Are we really that poor?

I feel like I know you already.

The moments conspired and brought us together.

Molly is an accomplished artist.

Donald found a very old coin in the garden.

That was so stupid.

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I might be able to help her.

I called my son.

Indian summers run into October.

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They weren't strong enough to help us.


It looks like you have a problem.


Do you know what I'm saying?

I'll give it a go.

It was just a fling.

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He took a polite leave of us.

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"Are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine."


You must certainly be very hungry now.

That doesn't leave us much time.

I want Amos to have a job that he loves.


Greifswald is in Western Pomerania.

I just can't find the time.

I like to study foreign languages.

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We heard a shot not far away.

Sandeep isn't a stable person.

This book is really difficult to finish reading in a week.

I am by no means satisfied with my present income.

I jog before breakfast every morning.

I'm pretty sure Van is sincere.

Never have I seen such a cute puppy as this.

The crowd surged into the auditorium.

I want to talk with him.

I don't think it's a good idea for you to hang out with Pitawas.

What have you observed?

Call Rahul and Leora this evening.

It's been ten years since I came to Japan.


I'm not really mad at him.


That made her uncomfortable.

The boy solved the simultaneous equation with ease.

We're here to see her.


I just had my final exam today.

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In those days, I was accustomed to taking a walk before breakfast.

How many boys are there in this class?

You must be very hungry now.


I'm glad you had fun.

It's the most important of all the elements for public health and medicine.

Angela blew his top when he heard that Per had gone out with John.

Somebody could exchange a sheep or a horse, for example, for anything in the marketplace that they considered to be of equal value.

She has been promoted twice since she joined this company.

We nearly starved.

The quality of their products has gone down over the years.

I try to avoid walking by the cemetery after dark.

He has gathered an army of lawless criminals.

When had you finished it?

Everyone is doing as much as they can.

I was out all day.

He intended to have visited Naples last year.

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Are you two hungry?

I can't delay my decision any longer.

The floor is yours.

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Send us your detailed CV at [e-mail].

I forgot it.

Miriam searched his pockets.

Billie is in a good mood.

Arne needs to see me right away.

Taurus began to eat.

It's time to reflect on your past.

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Come meet everybody.


Admitting what you say, I still think you are wrong.

I want your answer by the end of the day.

We noticed that.

Sherri is used to winning.

Jeffie is a bit of a mystery to us.

Mother bought my brother a yellow umbrella.

He is not very strict about it.

They need to feel safe.

Everything that lives will die sometime.

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You've gone loco.

I feel like I was born in the wrong era.

Wow, that's deep.

What made her do such a thing?

Fear comes from the unknown.

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Several hundred men were packed into the boat.


Deborah peeled the apple.

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Look into my eyes.

Wild weather is forecast for our region today.

I wonder if she will recognize me after all those years.

I'm talking about a lion.

Panzer was desperate for Seth's affection.

Anyway, I think I've said enough.

Maybe Lex can tell us what we need to know.

If everyone shouts at once, we won't be able to hear what the Prime Minister has to say.

Do people ever accuse you of being stubborn?

Poverty had taught him to stand on his own feet.

I thought you might like to know that Valerie isn't planning on coming.

There are more pagans in Northern Germany than in Southern Germany.

How are we going to pay for that?

Why don't you see if you can't give her a pep talk?

Let him do that for you.

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She left the hospital an hour ago.


Ice melts in water.

Between ourselves, the fat ugly witch is on a diet.

He succeeded to the family business.

I'll take your suitcase to your room.

How long have you had it?

I don't know what we're talking about.

I have never been particularly strong in mathematics.


Is that against the law?

Spock is getting ready to go out.

This disorderliness is inexcusable.


Pardon me, can you add another wine bottle please?

There's a chance that Vance won't be there.

What is the date?

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Paul denied those allegations.

We lost almost everything.

Jack brought back some souvenirs.


Can I pick my own desk?

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He has nothing to contribute to a conversation.

Well, I'm afraid I must be leaving. I had a nice time.

I'd like to do what you do.

We had been rival lovers at one time.

It seems to me that someone is calling you.


She is, so to speak, a walking dictionary.

Darren wasn't sleeping when I got home.

Kikki can handle it.

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I want it to be a success.

If we don't obtain an adequate knowledge of their culture, a lot of problems could easily arise.

How many people have your name?


I'm not a criminal.


Let's try to treat each other with respect.


Let's take a little break and look at the story from a somewhat different angle.